Our Core Values

At the Fishin’ Company, we believe that core values are not just pleasant sounding phrases to nail on the wall or discuss as a company once a year. We believe that our company’s core values should govern our behaviors and help us to ensure that each and every day, we do what is best for each other, our company, and most importantly, our customers.
Our core values make us who we are and we believe we are the best version of our company when we follow these core values.

We find trustworthy and driven people, organizations, suppliers, and customers, to build long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships. We commit to all of our partners by maximizing our service, responsiveness, and loyalty.


Our philosophy is “change ourselves, change our company, change our industry, and change our world.” We believe it’s necessary to challenge the status quo of our industry for the better, so we are always looking for ways we can improve.

We work hard to find the good in every idea, process, situation, and person. We believe the power to change is unlocked by finding the good in everything, rather than focusing on the negative.

We believe it’s not enough to identify a problem or opportunity. Instead, it is important to BE THE SOLUTION. We take pride in what we do, and do it to the best of our abilities, whether anyone is looking or not.

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